Basket dunk denim combi 003

159.95 109.00




159.00 109.00

The ‘Basket Dunk’ is our interpretation of iconic silhouette’s of the seventies. Think of the Basket-Dunk as Fast times meets Milano, the perfect balance of Dutch ‘no-fucks-given’ casual meets Italian elegance.

The Dunk journey starts in Civitanova, Italy (know in the trade as ‘Shoe Valley’), high quality Margom soles are mated with luxurious uppers lined full-grain calfskin leathers. Sound familiar? It should. Every fashion house offers footwear with the same pedigree. The Dunk wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides that you can choose out of several pre designed colors by us, but you can also create your own unique and personal look! Okay you have to wait 3 weeks, but then again you have a little bit more choice then black, white or maybe a other color which is never in stock in the color you want with those Fashion Houses.